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ELIOS2 Internal and Confined Space Inspection Drone

The ideal starter npackage for those with occasional needs.





Hard transport case

3 Batteries

2 Battery Chargers

3 sets of spare propellers


12 month warranty


Add-on: Elios 2 Range Extender
The Range Extender is an antenna booster that connects to the RC controller. A set of 20 metre cables connects the booster to the controller. The booster can then be placed inside a chamber or room, or dropped down a shaft.


This enhances signal strength and reliability in particularly hard to access, confined locations like deep tunnels or shafts where access may be limited, or accessing certain locations through multiple layers of concrete or masonry. The Range Extender can be ordered together with one of the Elios Package options, or purchased as a separate unit with its own RC controller.


Elios2 LIGHT

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